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Playing with fire-2017-pencil-48by73cm S


Gin Sen investigates social and cultural hybridity through inter-disciplinary practice. She manipulates materials and space via various media and methods such as sculpture, installation, video, language, drawing, and painting.

Born in New Caledonia, a French collectivity in the South Pacific, Gin is a dual French/Australian citizen with North African Jewish and Spanish Catholic heritage. She draws upon her unique experiences of living as a cultural hybrid and is also greatly influenced by her life experiences as a woman in high corporate positions, then a housewife, the mother of a son with a physical disability, and a late declared artist. Gin Sen examines perceptions and questions typical expectations and representations of cultural identity, social identity, and belonging. Cultural heritage, religious heritage, displacement, transmission, sensory memory, family, cultural foodways, and celebration of difference recur as themes explored in her practice. She often uses mediums as metaphors and allows the sculptures and installations to take on their own sense of identity.


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