Playing with fire-2017-pencil-48by73cm S


Gin Sen is a multi-disciplinary Australian artist based in Brisbane, Australia. As a dual French citizen, born in New Caledonia, with North African Jewish and Spanish Catholic heritage, she explores ideas around family, belonging and cultural identity and uses the exploration of art as an exploration of the self. The senses are important in her work. Influenced by the experience of her son's disability, she questions why art relies on presenting aesthetics mostly using the sense of vision, a sense that she feels can be deceiving. In questioning the deception of the senses, she also interrogates belief systems as well as what is real, what is not and what is important. Gin Sen’s practice started in drawing and painting, however, fuelled by a need for her work to be felt with all the senses, she recently moved into sculpture in order to immerse the audience in the work and permit a more interactive and sensory reading of the work. She uses mediums that help in the reading of ideas, focused on allowing the works to take on their own sense of self-identity. Motivated by a perceived general intolerance and judgmental attitude in the world, she hopes to make people reflect on their preconceived ideas, create discussion and hopefully help audiences develop a sense that difference should be celebrated.